6 Easy Visualization Techniques For Epic Manifestation

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3.) Vision Boarding

You have probably heard of vision boarding but did you know that creating a vision board is a visualization technique in itself?

Many people find the whole visualization process a who lot easier when they have something to physically look at and create.

Visual and kinesthetic learners may find vision boarding the perfect alternative to keep their hands and eyes busy whilst the deeper message is being absorbed by the subconscious.

A vision board is a display made up of all the things someone might like to manifest.

You can use magazine cut-outs, photo’s or other images to create a collage showcasing all of your desires. 

To maximize the power of vision boarding, consider playing some classical music while you work.

This will stimulate the creative sector in the brain as well as, gear your subconscious mind toward higher frequencies favoured by the universe.

But why stop there?

Consider creating a therapeutic

Once you have finished your vision board, find a place to hang it where you will see it every day.

This acts as a gentle reminder to ensure you keep manifesting and working toward your desires.

Remember, the magic behind a vision board is in the thoughts and emotions that take place during creation as well as when viewing the finished product.

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4.) Playing It Out In Everyday Life

When you are playing out your visualizations, you are acting as though you are already living the lifestyle you want.

This is an internal process that balances the power of the imagination with the power of emotion.

Picture this:

You are driving your beat up Honda Accord to a job that you hate.

The petrol light begins to blink and you wonder how far you can get before having to fill up.

You run your mental calculator, working out how much money you will need to spend.

A feeling of dread sinks in as you realize that another months wage is slipping through your fingers once again…

Now maybe you haven’t experienced this exact scenario but no doubt you know the feeling.

Next time you are in a similar position and you notice a spiral of negative thoughts being sent out to the universe, try changing the entire scene using your imagination.

For example:

While on your way to work, envision that you are driving your Ferrari to your dream job.

Picture the purring of the engine, the smoothness of the ride and the smell of the leather seats.

Suddenly, you look down and realize that you need to fill up.

This conclusion does not bother you in the slightest because you know that you can easily afford more petrol.

Take a second to feel excited and grateful at how amazing life is at this moment.

Use this pretend play approach to life whenever you can and never underestimate the power of the imagination.

“Thoughts become things. If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.” – Bob Proctor

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5.) Law Of Attraction Groups Or Forums

Visualization and the verbal sharing of ideas are very much related.

Often when we talk about things, we naturally begin to create a picture within our minds.

Unfortunately, discussing our manifestations with friends or family can be a bit daunting for a number of reasons.

If you talk to someone who doubts your vision, you may be at risk of being bought down by their negative energy.

Finding someone who supports your inevitable success is not always the easiest of tasks and being brought down by those who doubt your ability to succeed can be rather counterproductive to your manifestations.

The good news?

There are loads of manifestation groups and forums available to you at the simple click of a button.

Online manifestation communities are full of supportive people also working with the Law of Attraction to achieve their goals.

The more positivity and encouragement you receive, the more power you will have behind your manifestations.

If you want to find like-minded people who share a passion for the law of attraction, www.powerfulintentions.org is a great place to start.

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6.) Write A Manifestation Journal

Similar to writing in groups or forums, writing a manifestation journal is an easy visualization technique for someone who prefers to keep their manifestations more private.

Journal writing can be done a number of different ways.

You may choose to write your desires out as daily affirmations.

If so, remember to spend some time thinking and feeling into the things that you are manifesting.

You could also write out a contract with the universe in your journal.

A manifestation contract is a plan outlining what you are going to do in order for the universe to bring your desires to life.

Another way you can use your manifestation journal is to practice a technique known as scripting.

Scripting is essentially story writing using yourself as the main character.

Begin the story with the life you are currently living and fill it with all the amazing miracles you are manifesting.

By the end of the story, the script version of you should be living the lifestyle of your dreams.

When you feel your story is complete, spend some time reading it from beginning to end.

Like you would with a good book, create a visual image within your mind as you read. You can do this as often as you like.

Writing out your manifestations not only helps you create a mental image, but it also solidifies your desires with the universe.

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Regardless of which technique fits with your manifestation routine, the biggest thing to remember is not to over complicate things!

Anyone telling you that visualization should be a difficult exercise is wrong!

It doesn’t need to look perfect in your mind.

It’s not about seeing exactly what you want right down to the colour of your socks…

Specifics are good but don’t go crazy.

The most important thing is the way it makes you feel…

When you feel abundant, you attract abundance…

When you feel loved, you attract love…

And so on.

Choose a visualization technique that feels good.

Enjoy it.

If it doesn’t feel good, it’s not working!

Visualization Leads To Inspired Action

When bringing visualization into your life and therefore balancing the energies of thought and emotion you will notice something strange.

Idea’s for inspired action will begin to pop into your mind seemingly out of nowhere.

These ideas shouldn’t be taken lightly for they are the divine birth between the thought and emotion of your visualizations.

Trust in these universal downloads, go forth and conquer!

The world is your oyster and the path of alignment is the only way forward when manifesting greatness.

“You are action oriented to your own detriment. And we are not trying to talk you out of action. We’re just wanting to talk you into alignment first, and then inspired action.” – Abraham

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