Shailesh Dash Has Led Many Successful M&A Projects in the Middle East and North Africa

Shailesh Dash Has Led Many Successful M&A Projects in the Middle East and North Africa

Many businesses today have an increasingly international outlook, and there are various ways of following through on the plans and goals that develop naturally along with that perspective. In some cases, it will make sense for a well established business to simply expand its operations organically, with many success stories of this kind have been written in recent years.

In others, it will be more productive to instead pursue mergers and acquisitions in places where businesses with local roots have more of a chance of succeeding. In the region spanning the Middle East and North Africa, for example, many companies have followed through on such projects with impressive results. With experts like shailesh dash of Al Masah Capital Management being ready to help, plenty of valuable support regarding mergers and acquisitions in MENA is available.

Helping International Companies Become Established in MENA Through Mergers and Acquisitions

Buying or merging with a successful local business is one proven way of avoiding the barriers that sometimes await companies which seek to expand far beyond their accustomed borders. In the Middle East and North Africa, some impressively successful mergers and acquisitions have recently been carried out in industries including:

  • Healthcare. The healthcare industry is notable for its global diversity, with each country seemingly having its own take on how to best deliver this crucial service. In just about every case, respecting local mores and economic realities is one key to running a successful healthcare business. As larger healthcare companies from elsewhere in the world have increasingly sought to extend their own missions internationally, merging with or acquiring successful MENA peers has become a popular option.
  • Food service. As another industry where an increasingly international focus has recently become evident, food service is likewise a strong candidate for mergers and acquisitions in MENA. Once again, companies with histories of success in MENA are far more likely to remain viable after being bought or merged with than when foreign businesses try to build subsidiaries from the ground up.

A Powerful Tool for Many Companies Today

What matters the most in cases like these and others is having access to highly informed advice and the right kinds of connections. MENA specialists like Al Masah Capital make mergers and acquisitions practical and profitable for companies from all over the world.

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