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Overlapping Ground and Home Delivery service areas help to address these factors and are mutually
beneficial for both FedEx Ground and contracted service providers. FedEx Ground may consider the

overlap of stops as a factor when contracting decisions are made. Business Contact – A CSP-
designated employee responsible for managing day-to-day operations and dealing with FedEx Ground on day-to-day operational issues.

ISP Feedback After an ISP Discussion, an AO or business contact has the option to provide feedback on
the ISP Discussion through MyGroundBizAccount. The AO or business contact can then log into
MyGroundBizAccount to view that information. Additionally, CSA-level data and reports, as well as
personnel-operator-level data on business operations, are available to AOs (and business contact if
delegated) on MyGroundBizAccount.

What financial incentives are available during a transition to the ISP Agreement? Can a business operate
both Ground and Home Delivery PSAs under an ISP Agreement? These two factors help meet customer
expectations and enable businesses operating under ISP Agreements to quickly address and adapt to
volume surges, particularly during Peak and special holidays.

While a CSA may include non-contiguous (non-adjoining) service areas, a higher level of operational
efficiency will likely be achieved through contiguous service areas and by overlapping Ground and Home
Delivery areas. Why are Ground and Home Delivery overlap and six-day operations a priority? What are
some of the benefits in operating overlapping Ground and Home Delivery service areas?

MyGroundBiz Login portal has made the lives easier for the people. It has designed the MyGroundBiz
portal extremely user friendly and easy to use for every user who tries to use it. The officials of the
firm assured that the login portal is remarkably user friendly easy to access.

Additionally, businesses operating both Ground and Home Delivery service areas can do so under one
ISP Agreement. ISP AGREEMENT TERMS & DEFINITIONS Asset Transfer Process – A formal process
to transfer PSA between businesses.

EXECUTING AN ISP AGREEMENT After the AO and FedEx Ground tentatively accept a Proposal, the
ISP Agreement will be available for review and signature on MyGroundBizAccount. This notification will
also appear in the “Pending Actions” list on MyGroundBizAccount. As the ISP candidate’s
MyGroundBizAccount user, the AO can select the CSA number link to review the draft ISP Agreement.

Driver Data Collection Process – Daily collection of information from an ISP personnel-operator which is
then entered into FedEx Ground’s system. Driver Qualification – The process by which FedEx Ground is
required to document personnel-operator credentials for compliance with DOT regulations and/or an ISP

The portal is specifically launched to make the lives of the people easy. It is necessary to register on the
official portal to avail of the services offered by this portal. With this amazing portal, you can easily create
your account, and if you forgot your password, we have listed the steps you follow to regain it.

What factors have businesses considered when designing contracted service areas ? Many businesses
consider how new stops and service areas will fit together geographically, as well as the financial and
efficiency advantages that may result. Rapidly evolving market conditions and customer demand –
including the growth of e-commerce and residential deliveries – necessitate a move toward increased
service capacity and operational flexibility.

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